Get Data from Firebase

Hello, I am trying to save data from Firebase but it doesn't work. Can someone help me to solve the problem?

What is the error it is showing?

I believe you would do better to store all those values in a list, then save that one list to one tag. You can then call back that tag and access all the list items. Depends what else is going on on Firebase....

currently that is 12 calls everytime a single piece of data changes....

You haven't posted your exported .aia file, so we have to guess based on your post ...

  • I see you opening Screen1 (you should be closing this screen instead), so that means you have more than one Screen (usually a bad idea.)
  • Where is the code to add the data to FireBase? Is it in this Screen or another Screen? If in another Screen, how do the Firebase components compare between the Screens?
  • How did you add the data to FireBase? Using AI2, or hand typed into the FireBase Console, or through some other device like an Arduino? Markups differ.
  • Those slashes at the front of the tags look suspicious. I rarely see them there. Slashes are typically used to separate hierarchy levels in the data base.
  • I don't see any Firebase error event block, to report errors.
  • I don't see an else catch-all at the end of your if/then/elseif tree, to report unexpected tags coming back in Data Changed or GotValue events.