Get customer Id from sqlite database based on the element that is clicked in listview

I am trying to delete a record in a sqlite database based on the element i click.

Table name= cusauto
RecNo FieldName
1 cusid INTEGER
2 firstName TEXT
3 lastName
4 address
5 city
6 state
7 zip
8 year
9 make
10 model
11 vin
12 paintcode
13 variant
14 jobdescription
15 jobhrs
16 jobcomplete
17 misc1 TEXT
18 misc2 TEXT

block code

Phone Screen shot

Right now i am geting the cusid from the sqlite db and showing it on the detail of the listview. I do not want to keep it there . I just displayed it so i can see what it is.

Based on the screenshot if i pic cus44 las44 .
It has an cusid of 8.

I am looking for a way in the block code to get the cusid based on the element i choose and use it to delete a record.
example sql statement ( DELETE FROM cusauto WHERE cusid ='the element i click on in the list view';

I am trying to use the global variable cusid so i can use it in the listview.afterPicking event to delete the record.
Thanks for any help with this.
I am trying to learn .

just create 2 lists, one list with firstname and lastname you like to display in the listpicker and a second list with only the cusid
then after picking an item use the selectionindex to get the cusid from the second list to use it in the delete statement


Thanks Taifun I will try that later.