Get COLUMN and Update

When i get Column (Job No) using google sheets then i want to set a variable to the contact Number of the same row as the Job No

show your blocks

What exactly are you trying to do? Any example of how the contact number then looks like?
This sounds like you want to send an update statement to the spreadsheet...


Try a Filtered lookup of contact number by job number.

How to do that?

(based on the column numbers in your sample sheet image)

Thank You

can u explain the (,gotFilterResult) if possible

The GotFilterResult receives TWO lists:

  • returnRows is a list of the row numbers of the rows in returnData, needed if you want to update those rows later
  • returnData is a matching list of data rows from that sheet that passed the Filter test, with the cell contents of each row. It is a list of lists (a table).