Get Bluetooth Received Signal Strength Indicator


I want to see the new bluetooth device near me their Received Signal Strength Indicator(RSSI).

Please guide

is this a classic Bluetooth or BLE question?
for classic Bluetooth you might want to check the Bluetooth extension


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@Taifun thanks for replying.

I tried to get the discoverable Bluetooth device RSSI but I will not get the result using Bluetooth extension.

the classic bluetooth extension offers a property DisplayRSSI, which can be set to true or false
if you set it to true, you will additionally receive the RSSI after doing a scan


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I will try it surely…

Is there any modification needed in given below image

BLE extension is not working…not showing RSSI also…
If have any .AIA file for demonstration please share

see this announcement

and try the latest version


Why are you using BluetoothLE1.ConnectedDeviceRssi in the when BluetoothLE1.DeviceFound event? If you’re scanning for devices, you aren’t in a connected state, so the former will not have a valid value.

If you’re looking to get the RSSI information of found devices, see the BluetoothLE1.FoundDeviceRssi block.

If you’re looking to get the RSSI information of a connected device (and for it to update when not scanning), see the newly added BluetoothLE1.ReadConnectedRssi and the corresponding when BluetoothLE1.RssiChanged event.

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As per above BT extension 20190701 …I am not getting the RSSI VALUE

post moved to the correct thread to avoid duplicate questions
see the answer from Evan above. Thank you.

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thanks @ewpatton I tried as you said in previous conversation.i use the BluetoothLE1.FoundDeviceRssi block.But showing error “Expected device index between 1 and 0”

Please guide

what about providing a screenshot of your relevant blocks?

I also tried the index value 0 and 1.
But still showing same error

Waiting for your reply

Still Waiting for your guidance

It takes time to scan. It makes zero sense to try to read the found device RSSI immediately after calling StartScanning as you won’t have found a device by then. You should move the RSSI logic into the Bluetooth1.FoundDevice event.

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What value should I put in index input of foundDeviceRSSI block?

can you help me? It is possible to connect two smartphones with BLE


It might be possible if you pair the devices in advance, but this might be easier if you use the BluetoothClient/BluetoothServer components built in to App Inventor rather than the BLE extension.

Actually i want to create a log of found blue tooth device with reference to RSSI.
So i am not able to getting how to proceed?

Hi, did you completed your project?