Get any location coordintes and image from google map

I used WebViewer to display Google Maps, and I can enter coordinates through the textbox and press a button to navigate to them through Google Maps using Activity Starter.

What am I missing?

1- I want when I browse the map and click on a specific place, the red location marker will appear, and I can transfer and get its coordinates to the TextBox within the application so that I can record them.

2- I want to save the image of the map with the location of the point on it to the image component

3- I want to hide the information box below the map. I don't need it, and I want only the map to appear

Maybe this can help you:
App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Coordinates | Pura Vida Apps

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You are using Activity Starter to get a Google map so

I don't believe that is possible if you get your map using ActivityStarter. You probably need to use the Google Maps api.

If you are happy with OpenStreetMap tiles, you can easily get ,a[ coordinates from the map by using

Map.DoubleTapAtPoint(latitude,longitude), The DoubleTapAtPoint runs when the user double taps at a point on the map. The tapped location will be reported in map coordinates via the latitude and longitude parameters.. With that information you can do what you want to capture the coordinates..

Search the community for 'screenshot'; there are several extensions that allow you to capture a screen image of your app's Screen.

As already indicated, a developer has little ability to control the details of a Google Map shown using the ActivityStarter. Use either the Google Map api or use the MIT Map component with an OpenStreetsMap tile image.

The problem with using mit map : not working and always showing nothing

works here. The OSM map tiles are not as detailed as GoogleMap for this location. :cry:

Perhaps use Javascript with GoogleMap api "