Get a cell value from google sheet

i want to configure a "button" so when i click it, it gives me a value in a "cell" in google sheets.

  • reads the value, or
  • sets the value?


configure the button in blocks so when i click it , it gives me the value from the cell

See the first link in

i didn't know it was that hard :frowning: you gave a link that contains a lot of information.. i can't search the specific thing i want

just to read the cell

So this is too much for you?

when i see the image, i understand that i will write the cell " c22" to get the value
That's not what i want my app to do

i just want to click the button then it displays the value in cell "c22" in my text box

In which call a web1.get url:\
&gid=0\   //<< if gid = 0