Generate Docs Of Your Extension In Sec

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Today I'm here to share a cool tool that I have made mainly for extension developers, It allows you to create and host documentation of your extension that you make for Appinventor and its distribution, in a matter of sec. All you have to do is upload your extension and the web app will do the rest. Try now


If you have any suggestions or queries related to this! feel free to write in the comment below. Also if you like this don't forget to hit :heart: button.

favicon AIX DOCS

Updated the Extension docs tool 24th AUG 2021 | Version 2.0.1
Now create and host the documentation of your extension without writing a single line of description. Just upload your extension and it'll be written in few seconds also the link will be there to share it in any app developer's community.

As every extension developer faces a common problem of writing docs on each devs community and attaching blocks screenshots according to that. So here you can generate the link to your extensions docs with complete documentation in one click.


From AIX-Docs users can easily take a detailed look and understand the working of your extension. Especially to the inputs and output of Methods, Events, and Properties Blocks.


On top of that., if you want to write the docs in any particular app developers community! Simply click on Generate Community Post and the entire docs with details and Blocks screenshot will get copied to your Clipboard. Then you can simply paste it and create a new topic in the community. Also, you can download and report issues if you found any.

View Demo Of Aix-Docs

Click Here to generate your own extension docs for free.

Also big thanks to @Taifun for creating an amazing collection/directory of all extensions published on app devs communities. I have added the link to this extension directory too.

The AIX-Docs is still under development, if you have any queries or suggestions feel free to write in the comments below. And if you like my work and somehow it makes your docs writing easy, do hit that :heart: button.



Ver nice and helpful. May god bless you :pray::wink::heart_eyes::star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Useful very useful,congrats great tool.

Steps to get docs from aix:

  • open aix using 7-Zip
  • open package name one by one until you see some json files there
    you can easily prepare docs from component.json file.

Wow, Nice Website, keep it up :star_struck:

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This is very helpful

Note : I'm unable to edit the topic for now, so i'm updating here in the comments.

Hey guys,

I tried my best to learn and create SVG images of blocks to display there on extension docs page, so when you share the link of the docs, the visitor can also get to see the blocks image with details. I'm still on it, but today! i took a completly different approach to create the blocks image or say layout :sweat_smile: using pure HTML + CSS and here is the outcome..

Click here to view it live.

Do you also want to have a look/learn how i made these blocks from HTML+CSS. If yes, then please let me know i would love to share this with community.


favicon AIX DOCS

Version 2.0.1 of AIX/Extension Docs is now released with few useful features

  • Generate + Host Extension Docs
  • Used Blockly to generate blocks SVG image according to selected app builder platform ( thanks to @ColinTree for the Plugin )
  • Direct downloading link of extensions.
  • Generate Community Post
  • Useful Links + info

Generate Community Post

One-click and the entire docs for selected devs community (App Inventor, Kodular, and Niotron) with details, and Blocks screenshots will get generated and copied to your clipboard. Then you can simply paste it and create a new topic in the community. Also, you can download and report issues if you found any.

Devs can also share docs links with then redirect users to docs based on desired builder.


Cool :sunglasses: tool @Ct_tricks :star_struck: really helpful :+1:


Not copying to clipboard for me on Chromium browser?


Can you tell me why that is?

I used Brave and it worked for me.

Currently, it’ll not generate Community Post if there are more than 10 blocks in that extension because I'm using html2Canvas which takes ~600ms to compose 1 image (DIV2PNG) of a block.

I'm trying to optimize this. But currently, if you try to do it'll freeze your browser.

I tested it in Chrome. Which browser are you using?

erm...Chromium !!

(also just tested on Firefox, not working there either?)

@Ct_tricks That's Extraordinary

I am very interested in using your AIX DOCS.
I suggest that you add a function to create an account on your AIX DOCS because the weakness of your AIX DOCS is that I can't delete or update my extension that I uploaded on your AIX DOCS.

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Thanks, buddy!

For now, you can use Report Issue/Correction, and there choose Remove Extension option if you want to remove your extension from the Aix Docs server It'll automatically remove it within 24hrs.

And to update it, Upload the updated extension again and it'll auto-refresh/replace the data on the server.

I'll try to add this account thing in the future.

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Yeah, you are right! Sometimes for me when I visit the page and Generate Docs it shows the alert 'Copied to Clipboard' but nothing gets copied. And when I refresh the tab and generate docs again it gets Copied. Currently I don't know how to fix it! :sweat_smile:

So what I did is! I removed the limitation of more than 5 blocks and added an option to download docs (Using FileSaver for this ) as a ZIP file (Using JsZip to compose it on the client size) which will contain all blocks screenshots and the complete post. Also if an extension has less than 5 blocks then it'll show an option to copy to the clipboard too.

Thank you @TIMAI2 and @Peter