General SD card acces


I try to acces to my SD card with AI.
It works welle with “file:///storage/3EA0-A6AE”…where 3EA0-A6AE is the system sdcard name.

I didn’t succed to do it using “file:///storage/sdcard/”

The problem is my app can’t works on another phone becauce th sdcard name is different…

Is there a way to solve this problem ?

Okay you make your app using File component right

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and please show your block for we help you

Probably everything you need to know here:

However, not all phones have an external sdcard slot! Every android phone does have a virtual sdcard, which is located at:

or just
(this last one when using the File component or other file finding components in AI2

here ara my block:

If i replace “sdcard” by the name of my sd card it works+++

it is not an emulated sd card but a real physical one !

See e.g. here:

Maybe what I sent can help you :

or this

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Try this APK and report if it works on your device when picking a MP3 file from the external (removable) SD card:

Thank you all…
I used the way describe in “How to get list of sdcards” from Anke…and it’s work well !


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you’re welcome :+1: :smiley: :+1:

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