Game pushing appinventor to limit

i know its ai not game development software but wanted to see how good games can be done with it :slight_smile:

it could need some optimization there is 1128 blocks in screen 1 alone it is kinda finished as far as i consider unless i can get some help with optimizing blocks (sometimes FPS drops drastically) and the bullet problem came back with more stuff added i posted earlier.

here is AIA
spaceshooter201.aia (1.0 MB)

here is blocks

here is my bullet blocks if someone knows better system for it

blocks (3)

thanks in advance if someone is willing to help :slight_smile:

You could reduce the blocks count by switching to generic blocks and component lists.

That would eliminate half of the blocks.

i tried with lists but somereason it complicated things gonna find some list guides and read em up :slight_smile: i mostly get that listyall errors when i go with them i tried many different ways to get bullets done with lists without succees would be perfect if they could go out in order 1 to 10 then back to 1 to 10 now they disappear randomly

i got bullets fixed now they always come out by disenabling on hit and enabling on fire

Uploading: blocks.png...

next question is can i make it shoot from y 10 and y 55 every 2nd hit? not making it random like im doing

:slight_smile: "and" and "or" blocks dont work with numbers

To clarify, you want to alternate between the two y values every hit?

yep :slight_smile: i know how to make them shoot both Y values same time but alternate nope :frowning:
thinking of map 1 just alternating and map 2 shooting both sides (like and upgrade to guns)
ah sry mean i can make them shoot from both sides same time but its still random does it shoot might shoot 2 bullet from 1 side

with the bullet system working now flawlessy its good indicator for other ppl i couldnt find any info about shooting multiple bullets without making old ones dissappearing :slight_smile:

Here's a procedure you can call to flip your laserpos list if you want to alternate shots.

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will try that out thanks!

but its prodecure how i can add it to my

oh yeh call instead get global :slight_smile:
im bad with lists cant figure how i can put it on that call image sprite only weakness ugh
how i can add call to "call component" Y

call this before the MoveTo

in the MoveTo y input, switch out that random item block with a select item 1 block from global laserpos.

After each rotation, item 1 will contain the other number.


You left out the SELECT ITEM part.

cant find only for "each item in list" and "list" stuffs :frowning:


This is based on the first .aia you posted.

You would have to update it with your new global variables.

P.S. You can find blocks faster if you typeblock.


There are plenty more tutorials and examples on the usage of lists on this community; just use the search feature.

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got the bullets sorted thanks :slight_smile: