Game of rock paper & scissor, multiplayer

sir i was making and one app like game of rock paper & sicssor, so i have to make the 1 new inovation in this app is - instead of computer i want to play over there another one user , by entering there name ...meanse tottaly two players was play over there . I dont want computer over there.
so what changes i should do ?

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Hi priyanka

This should be a new Topic.

Don't understand your question :thinking: Are you saying your rock-paper-scissors App should be on two phones? Before you code something, it's best to draw a schematic on paper to work out what is needed and how it could be achieved.

yes sir i tried to make new topic but its not tooked it showed error like tittle seems to be incomplete!!

this is an 1 game for childrens which play in btn 2 users !! so currently i make the app ,in which 1 user was played with computer ... but i want instead of that computer - 2nd user over there so how should i do those ?? and for this game there requirnment of two peoples only so acc ... to that i want to change in this application
** how its play
priority of buttons
1 rock beats paper
2sicssor beats paper
3 paper having last user chiose those ..then winner will decide

  • following example of an how game was done...

1.user press button rock and computer..chose any one sicssor or paper then user will win !!
2.user choise paper and computer choise the rock then computer wins
3.user choise sicssor and computer choise the rock then computer wins

like this my application now work !!
but insted of that computer i want another one user should play over there so its possible?

I'm sorry priyanka, I don't understand :upside_down_face:

Could you draw a schematic of what you want to do?

You can do this using CloudDB, even the default MIT server.
An example of chess over CloudDB is at

(much more complicated than you need.)

Have your 2 players agree on a CloudDB tag for their game, like priyanka_vs_ABG.

Use the CloudDB event block for when data changed to catch incoming moves.
When a move notification arrives, don't immediately show it, unless the player has chosen his move already and the app can decide a winner. (Keep it in a global variable instead of a Label.)

Clear the global variable after each round.

Remember what he player chose, for use when the app can decide a winner.

Enable and disable the choice buttons to prevent cheating.

If both user having same choise then tie between them!!

OK - how do two Users play the same game at the same time?

yes sir !! at the same time..

how do two Users play the same game at the same time

Its like 1 user choise one button then another user turn , so 2nd user choise any 1 button the according to choises of buttons the winner name will display over there..
EX.. like ludo game 2 participents

I see - both using the same phone - finally, my tiny brain is in gear dancing2

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I think you want two devices and two players. Check @ABG's message with CloudDB.

Not necessarily. Back in the day, many games had a multiplayer so that the second player played after the first player. Player1 and player2. It's a simple draw game so first the game 1 player draws e.g. paper. Later the second player plays by pressing the same button and draws, for example, scissors. Player2 won.

Unless the user consciously chooses whether he wants paper or scissors. Then the first player's choice must be hidden until player2 is selected.

But with two devices, the game would be more interesting.

Lost in translation, so I will propose a game.

An example of a game of rock, paper, scissors for one and two players. You can also add a multiplayer on the network.

paper.aia (23.0 KB)

The app remembers the names, does not remember the results.

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practically the game was like both players do the action of hand at same time so this is an important part of this game ...but in this app

  • no of player =1, then its an intresting to play with comp... bcz the player was dont know what will computer choise ..
  • no of players =2, -its not possible to them touch to 1 screen at same time so . one after they were choise the buttons so its all infront of them only so its not as same as practical ... my quation was if i want second plyaer should not aware of first player choise then its possible in same device ? if not how i use those in two device (how two plyaers play the same game in two devices)?
    (Unless the user consciously chooses whether he wants paper or scissors. Then the first player's choice must be hidden until player2 is selected.

But with two devices, the game would be more interesting.)
as per ur reply how i make changes in this?

Search multiplayer in is Community.

Here is a multiplayer game proposal.

information wast insufficient for my doubt !!

I gave you an example of a two-player game on the same device. Player 1 chooses the figure first, not showing what he chose. Then he hands over the phone to player 2. After player 2 chooses his piece, the game is resolved.

ok got it ur point!! i already used ur application but my quation was,if same game play by two peoples in different devices then how its possible?