Game : Minions_tac_toe

that my new game
i use firebase database and record all moves
You cannot win in this game :wink:
Minions_tac_toe.aia (1.7 MB)

engaged-booth-238516-default-rtdb-export(2).json (30.1 KB)
have fun

the game in mit app gallery

Please leave a comment if the game was useful to you and your suggestions for the game



When I saw the json file, I assumed you were going to load it into a dict at startup, or TinyDB on first run.
Why did you pick a Firebase DB instead?

P.S. Don't try to post this to the play Store, or the copyright police will notice.


Hello, I tried to add tinydb to the game and when I start the game I transfer data to it so it works offline
And I tried several methods
The problem is that the data is large and it gets an error
Do you have a way to solve the problem

Here is a File and Dictionary version of your app, without FireBase:

Minions_tac_toe_ABG.aia (1.7 MB)

I tried a little cleanup of the JSON file in NotePad++ to remove the quotes around the response numbers, but it broke the JSON, so I remove the quotes at run time, a barely noticeable delay.

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It's nice @Shadi_Alfares

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Thank you very much, it helped me a lot and I liked the way you used the file and the web extension, which I did not know.
As you can see from my programming I am still a beginner
I will use your method in my next apps
Thank you again

While I have your attention, it would benefit readers of this thread if you were to tell where the move table came from and how it was built. Maybe a URL for where you found it?

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Excuse me my friend. I didn't quite understand your question. What do you mean by move table
I will explain my idea for the app
I programmed everything and didn't bring anything
My idea was basically to put all the data in Databases because I didn't know how to store it in a file and merge it with the app.
I created an account with Google Firebase and created an application that stores data in Databases
This is the program
tic_tac_toe_store.aia (18.6 KB)

I saved all the steps that the player could play in the following way
I made 4 variables n1, n2, n3, n4
If a player presses the first digit, n 1 equals 1, and the result is 1000
I will send it tag and I get the value 5 and tick box 5 then if the player presses the square 2 the result will be 1200 here and put the value 3 in order to prevent the player from winning
Of course, it took me a long time to put all possible possibilities and the result is either a draw or a win for me

I used Google Translate to write this answer so sorry if the answer is not clear

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btn from 1-9
if u play 1 tag is 1,0,0,0 = 1000
i store value is 5 so t btn 5 will be (o)

if u play next btn2 the tag will be 1,2,0,0
then i store 3

if u next play btn4 tag is
i will store 7 and i got o on 3-5-7 and win

i store All possible possibilities :grin:

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Thank you for showing your work!

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