Game hosting via MIT App Inventor


I wonder wheather it is possible to write an App via MIT App Inventor, where one player can host a game on a server and other friends/players join the game.

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Sure, if it's something slow like poker.
No shootemups.

I'm actually planning a pokergame. Are there any examples on how to host a pokergame?

I searched the AI2 Gallery for "poker", and found no multi-player examples.

So you are on your own for that.

However, here is a good start on a data model for your game ...

Vertabelo is a nice online data modelling tool. I have a free online account, at its limit.

Time spent learning data modelling is time well spent, if you intend to write serious software.

Hm, I'm more likely searching for something like a programming tutorial with some usefull hints and code examples for setting up a hosted game with MIT App Inventor.

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