Game breaks with random seed blocks

My game has two objects that must fly independently to random positions, so I tried using the "random set seed to" block before calculating the random position with a unique value in each block, but at the moment I place the "random set seed", the objects just stop moving.

This is a different issue, the problem is that I need to randomly move two different objects in DIFFERENT directions, so I would have to use 2 different seeds, but when I do that, it breaks and the objects stop moving.
If I were to use only one "random set seed", the two objects would move together in the same direction, which is not what I want.

the problem with the movements of sprites is that the game store the update frame in a game. so you need to use other method for not get freeze movement in the canvas and images sprites. maybe using javascript can get a solution. or use the movement not using timers.

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