Funmora AIX - One Place For All Extensions

Hi Everyone
Today I am going to launch the FunmoraAIX - One Place for All Extensions!


This is Funmora AIX to upload all your extensions for free and you can upload the complete info and it acts as a back-up, So even if you are suspended and posts are deleted but still they are backed-up here.
Beta-Testing is a Very Important Feature in which Funmora Developers will beta-test your extension and send you the report of your extension.

This site can be easily viewed in Phone Laptop and Tablet and any other device.

Now Let us See its Features

Uploading Your Extension

Click the Upload Your Extension button and Fill The Google Form and your extension will be uploaded in this site within 1 day(sometimes more than that). As my extension is there here.


Beta-Testing is a Very Important Feature in which Funmora Developers will beta-test your extension and send you the report of your extension.


This Beta-Testing is not supported to Kodular Community Users.
Reason: As I am silenced in Kodular Community, feature is not available there. It will be available only when I am unsilenced there. If any mods/staff are seeing this post then unsilence me if possible.
The Instructions are there in the website

Other Extensions Directory

Here You can See @Taifun, @vknow360, The Coding Bus, @Andres_Cotes, Said Dev 's extensions

See Our Site

Here in the navigation bar/menu we also have other options Check Out Them too...

Special Note: We are looking forward for developers to join our team

If there are any issues or problems and any other Ideas Then reply below

Thank You
SRIKAR_B.S.S aka Funmora Developers

Here we have @vknow360, @Taifun, @Andres_Cotes 's extensions I want to let them know...

What you see depends on what you search :slightly_smiling_face:


Till Now, I have added only few other extension Directories...

I don't Like the Design Should Improve the UI

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Sure I will,
But I want leave it as classic and simple to use.

Not classic look like early www style


Will try to update...

Can you tell me why you think you are qualified to do beta-testing of an extension? What do you test? How do you test?

You still talk in plural, "our", "we", "developers". Are you still the only developer of Funmora?


In the other community he once told that he and a person named faraz firoz are there

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@Peter Please Refer The beta-testing section in the first post.

The Extension

Refer the Specs in this page

No, we are building a team. Currently we have @Faraz_Firoz in our team.

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Only Android 9? With all the problems with Android 11 it would be better to test with that. Better test with different versions of Android instead of only 1.

Can you show how a sample report will look like?

You still didn't explain why you think you are qualified to do that. I mean your credentials, experience, etc.


As I guess he has only android 9 device

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Please check once again we mentioned 2 android versions.

Sample Report Will Look like:

1.Working in Companion:
2.Working in Android 2.2:
3.Working in Android 9:
4.Any Errors:
5.Any Comments from us:
6.Any comments from you?

I can't get you.

What makes you eligible for beta testing?


He says that all the problems are in android 11 and not in 9 so you test with android 11

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I saw that many were asking and making topics for beta-testers. So, I saw that problem and implemented this in FunmoraAIX. Here in this page fill the Google Form. And we will take the files and Beta-Test the extension.

I am eligible do it because the Developer fills the Google Form, Hence gives me the permission to beta-test his/her extension.

Why don't use android studio emulator and use it

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Hello Srikar

What we want to know is who in your team does the beta testing and:

  1. What experience does each team member have in beta testing
  2. What tools will be used for beta testing (software, hardware)
  3. What Android versions are supported
  4. What device types are supported

I(@SRIKAR_B.S.S) will see the beta-testing.


Android 9.0(Pie) & Android 2.2(Froyo)