From application to application or web (find bus routes)

I am looking for help with my application. The application will print the text for example "601471 / 1A" according to the two numbers "linka" and "spoj". According to this text, I will find the route in the application or the web (MAPYCZ). I need the application to switch me directly to another application (mapycz) or web ( directly to a specific map, for example "601471 / 1A". Sorry for my English. Thank you very much.

I do not know whether what you want to do is possible Robert. Here is the api mapycs provides to access this mapping web site . The api might help you. Fórum nápovědy - API/SDK

What is the purpose of your app? Maybe your app can be created using the MIT Map component or by using OpenStreetMaps which allow users to post information to a map such as locations and routes or tracks.

I'm a bus driver. The application will help me quickly find the route and especially the stops on different routes. The application is also a help for new drivers.

Or just. A button that switches me to another application. He doesn't have to find a map.

Here are some posssibilities you can consider using App Inventor

Perhaps this is of interest: Romin's Firebase Bus Route .. no map

Use Using the Activity Starter to start an app on your device.


Other ideas:

You can build something by creating a map with all the bus stops using the Map component. National Parks Tutorial

Or to build a trak (or route) from coordinate data you supply App Inventor GPS Trak Basics which shows how display a route (trak) from specific locations (perhaps these can be the bus stop locations you have as Lists)

Or it might be possible to use your mapycz map could be something like this example
OpenStreetMap without the Map Component that uses OpenStreetMaps . Something similar might work mapycz.

Or use the mapycz api to make mapycz do what you want using either the WebViewer or the Web component .. this might be possible. To get the map you showed earlier, place the link in a WebViewer should bring up that map. webviewerurlMap webviewerurlMap2 . You could try that by copying the map's url into the WebViewer1.GoToUrl as shown. I would do that for you but I cannot easily read the full link. Edit: OK, I tried and got

. To access your files, you must be
logged in as a mapycz user; you may be able to do it using the Web pages api or alternatively set your bus routes as accessible by any user.

What you do depends on how much coding experience with App Inventor you have and how much work you are prepared to commit to your Project.

Good luck Robert. Any of these are certainly doable.

Thank you very much. I'm going to test.

Salut M. Robert_Surani je cherche la meme chose que vous pouvez vous m'envoyer votre projet aia ? Merci.


If you know the coordinates of the stops (or street address) you could use the MIT Navigate control.
HOW TO: Use the Navigate control to display a map and directions showing how to get from your location to the bus stop. Adapt the tutorial to your purposes. If you have issues, please ask again.

If you do not know where the stops are, you have to get that information the way Robert got his basic information.