From Android to Ios (when will ios extensions be available/usable?)

hi everybody

I have developed an application which uses an extension for the creation of dynamic components.It is not possible for the moment to use an extension on mit app inventor for ios if I understood correctly
So apart from creating the elements and hiding them I have no other choice but to wait ?

Wait for what?

  • Extensions might never be available for AI2 ios or the extension you need might not be practical. Time will tell
  • if extensions do become available be aware of MIT's comments Extensions for iOS regarding how their use will probably be limited.
  • As things stand now, use of extensions for ios may be a year or so away. :frowning:

Instead of waiting you might build your coding skills by moving to a professional compiler that probably can do what you would like NOW.

  • You might start building apps using Android Studio and Swift for Android and ios
  • You might use B4x which can make apps for both using the same basic code.
  • You might use the Delphi Community Edition that can make apps for several platforms including ios and Android using the same code base.
  • You might redesign your Project to work with standard components using native Blocks.

App Inventor 2 is a great tool but it will never be able to do all the things the professional compilers can do now.

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thanks for your answer
do you know a native component who can create cardview on Mit App Inventor associated with a loop ?

MIT is making a replacement for the standard ListView component using RecyclerView . It is on a test server. Will it be like a cardview? Sorry. I do not know. Expect it will allow images and enhancements to the current ListView. When will it be ready? It's in development. In February they were hopeful it could be in the next release .. probably sometime this year. This will be a component so it will use native Blocks. Will it work in ios...:slight_smile: certainly a big question.

Hello Em

It would be possible to make a cardview in HTML/CSS (no internet connection required) and view/interact with it via the Web View Component.

You do of course need to know HTML - it's easy to learn:

for example:

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a small note in passing if we cannot use an extension, I should do without the Taifun extension which allows you to find the path of image and other assets

True, not everything can be done without extensions. But on the other hand, AppInventor is primarily for learning, and the tutorials are designed to avoid using extensions.

Perhaps use the ImagePicker or the ActivityStarter