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Thanks @TIMAI2 Now let me do this same concept in Java :slightly_smiling_face:


If you want to produce impenetrable passwords, use a
cryptographic function. Typically named something like CryptRandom.

You can test the quality of the passwords you produce here:

and here:


Reworked mine a bit to include removing duplicate characters and set minimum length to 6.


Draggable Procedure


Given the variability of the length of the password, and that Wi-Fi passwords can contain spaces, it's probably going to take you a veryyy long time.

Just my two cents' worth, but it'd be great if the app could cipher the password with a randomly generated seed for extra impenetrability.

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As far as my math skills don't fool me, this should increase the chances of hacking a password.
(As soon as you use a search algorithm that doesn't allow duplicate chars. But maybe I'm wrong.)


I don't know, is 1111 more difficult to hack than 1234 ?

In 2013, based on a collection of 3.4 million passwords each containing four digits, the DataGenetics Web site reported that the most commonly used four-digit sequence (representing 11 percent of choices) was 1234, followed by 1111 (6 percent) and 0000 (2 percent).

From - The Mathematics of (Hacking) Passwords - Scientific American

So, 1234 is more common than 1111.

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That's not the question, but eliminating duplicate chars necessarily reduces the set of possibilities (that is, possible permutations without repetitions).


Enterprise level stuff :slight_smile: :

And let me tell you that if you get caught (which you can if the owner is smart enough) then you'll be in trouble....

Most hackers use brute force to break passwords....which is also illegal

PIN code (4 out of 10 digits: [0, 1, 2, ..., 9]):


As far as I remember (it's been a long time since I was in school). :wink:


SafePasswords V2

An extension to create a random password.Made by Aditya Nanda

💡 Current Version 2.0
📁 File Size 5.20 KB
📦 com.AdityaNanda.PasswordGenerator.SafePasswords
📅 Created On 2022-01-15

Method Blocks

GeneratePassword - Returns a Random String with special characters example:- GfVV<j&Dx9$(8o}Op%#e ,etc of any lenght you enter.NOTE:-Minimum Possible length is 4
length input type number

This Update handles all these:

  • include at least one lowercase letter
  • include at least one uppercase letter
  • include at least one number
  • include at least one special character (often listed)


@TIMAI2 Post 18

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Good improvements, but:

You need to fix this, it also appears that there are spaces between each character ?

Your output

should return just:

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@TIMAI2 i said this already and don't worry I will fix it soon

Still you have empty spaces, better use

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@dora_paz Thanks can you please update my blocks image under usage section with yours

Right-click on the image and click on "copy image." Select the previous image and use the paste command to replace the picture.

Both of them yes, in theory, the hacker can do a dictionary-based attack which would list both of the numbers 1234 and 1111, but in the case, as 1111 comes before another one, it's also sometimes more likely.

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You are calling toString method on a list or array, you could join them before you return the output.