[Free] Thousand Separator Extension for Indian Currency


Get the number with commas added for Indian Place value system

Picture of all the blocks



input: 1000000     output: 10,00,000 
input: 98910       output: 98,910 
input: 678636764   output: 67,86,36,764


more than 10 digits will cause error and returns a random number

Download Link

com.AK_Tech.ThousandSeparator.aix (5.8 KB)

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I hope you can add blocks for each country

i think there are just two still i will try

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it might make sense to provide a screenshot about how to use it including Do it result, so everyone can understand, what the method is doing, also those, who are not familiar with the Indian Place value system...

it would be better to find a solution, which does not cause any error...


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.


Cool extension @Aarush_Kumar. I agree with @Taifun. Be more specific and add a more thorough explanation including do it results and maybe an example .aia. And maybe find a workaround for the (i'm guessing) overload error.

thanks @Taifun and @netminderno.9apps for your comments and suggestions
i am still working on to remove error and about how it works
1000000 = 10,00,000 98910 = 98,910 678636764 = 67,86,36,764
Hope you understand

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@Aarush_Kumar lol. I'm doing research on the conversion and the math. Kinda funny, since I'm in College Algebra rn. It is very interesting.
Here's a link im using rn:

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thank you
I now added it into the first post of this thread


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