[FREE, TEST] RDConv : Geometry Diameter / Radius Converter Extension!

Version 1.0

Recently, I learned Geometry and Circles, their radius and diameter calculations. I thought why not make an extension to calculate from radius to diameter and from diameter to radius! Well, I created one. It can be replicated by built-in blocks provided with MIT App Inventor...

I just made this to make things easier for those people who do not know how to calculate radius and diameter.

IDE: Niotron IDE



RDConv.aix (5.1 KB)

Extension demo within an app:

radiusAndDiameter.aia (9.5 KB)

Further improvements are always welcome! Suggest any kinds of ideas!


And you'll increase your app's size unnecessarily....

I just removed some non technical comments that are out of place in this community.

Even though this 'simple' extension can be replicated by Blocks, it is welcome here. A nascent devveloper learned to make an extension and decided to share it. Some users will use it, others will use Blocks. App Inventor is mainly an educational tool and we are glad you were able to create the extension. Some developers don't know how so good for you.

When users post Block solutions that have been 'solved before' they don't get the criticism I removed in this simple extension thread. App Inventor and the community are an opportunity to try ideas. When you post be prepared for criticism; some criticism will be valid and some not so much.

When you criticize a developer's code, don't be mean. This is not the place for an argument. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you have constructive criticism, certainly post it but don't bicker like children. If you won't use the exertions, don't.

Thank you.


Can you give an elaboration of which math blocks? Do they support long, int or double?

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They support 'double'

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is this how we rate? with just 1 option? you have to add more options like average, bad, amazing. Because with option user only has to choose that or dont choose at all.

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if you dont like it then dont vote

never said that but i am saying a rating with just option is not even a rating? is it? this way you will only know people who like this extension but do not know who dislike to improve in future. Don't take this as hate you are starting extension development and at start people make easy and improve.

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now this is starting to get #off-topic

i dont think i am just giving you suggestion is that #off-topic though it went #off-topic now


If you are collecting feedback from users then make sure you provide them enough options to choose from.