[FREE] Take screenshot of components, arrangement and screen | Extension ComponentToImage

Component To Image | Free

You can convert any component to image. Take screenshot of specific component or screen


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πŸ“ com.jerin.s2b.ComponentToImage

Permissions :


What's New 😍

πŸ†• Save image to ASD in Android 10 and to External storage in below versions

πŸ†• Create image of scroll arrangements and screens

β€’ Reduced size 5kb



Method for convertToImage

component component component or screen to create image
saveAs text filename or path to save


Event raised after image created and saved

filePath text complete path to file saved


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Means, that saveAs is the relative path and saves the image in:
on Android < 10 and in the ASD for Android β‰₯ 10.



Good Extension @Jerin_Jacob

I used it this way because you only need permission when Android version < 10.



I'm using Qutil class to getExternalStorage ,
Since I'm having confusions with ASD.

I really like this extension. Used it several times. For instance here.

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Glad to hear that Peter :relaxed:

I was unable to post extensions in AppInventor community.
It says, need approval from moderator. :frowning_face:

However this one is live now.

Thank You

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Wow, very good extension :+1::+1:

That is why all extensions have to go through this proces

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It's a very good extension Jerin. Would be great if it could save to the shared directory /pictures in Android 10+

See Anke's guide:

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