Free Sprite creators?

Anybody know of any sites to use to make good quality sprites for free? I use a school computer to make my apps, so some of them might be blocked.

You may use PowerPoint for making sprites. I always use PowerPoint for making my apps. :grin: :grin:

Hi @netminderno.9apps

You can find some resources here. More can be found using Google. Let us know what you have found.

It is a short list of editors but also of assets you can use.

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Which powerpoint do you mean? XD Thanks.

@Peter Thanks, Peter. I like Bobsprites and Piskel, which apparently I had an account for. And I'll look into Kenney. Looks interesting. The other 2 are blocked.

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Microsoft PowerPoint

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I use GIMP to create images, it is a simple yet powerful Image Creation and Editing Program. It is popularly used by many people

Inkscape for vector (svg) illustrations

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