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I'm facing problems when I'm trying to use the tables. Let me explain what my app does:

1 - When the app is started for the very first time, it has to create all tables needed in SQLite.



2 - After that, it goes to another screen and when press a button, it will fill them with remote data (from a MariaDB remote database).

3 - At the end, it goes to the menu screen.

PS: I'm putting the Open Database in the Initialize and the Close Database in the BackPressed methods.



When I try the App, it gives me the error no such table: materiais (is one of the tables), indicating that the table does not exists.. And the message appears for all tables which were already created in the Screen1.

Waiting for any help or ideas.

You do not appear to be doing any checking, after each stage. Are the tables created?Have the data inserts to tables worked?

How to check this, when there is no return from the CREATE DATABASE command?

No. It shows the error I told you before.

Read my guide:

in the DATABASE SQL section

Did you see this ?

Ok thank you

Here is a simple demo

simplesqlitedemo.aia (24.8 KB)

Some of the commands are useful while you are developing only...

Here also is an empty sqlite database file. You can import this to the default database in order to "reset" to an empty database

empty.db.txt (8 KB)

(remove the .txt so that you just have empty.db)