FREE services to self-host a baserow database


I want to self host a baserow database but i can seem to find the best service to use. Most of them are free for like 90 days at most, paid afterwards and I need a FREE service that I can use for at least a year and the cost afterwards shouldn't be more than $4/month. My database will need at most 20GB of storage.

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

I didn't see this before you pm-ed me.

I am selfhosting Baserow on my own server at home. It runs Cloudron with Baserow "inside".
My son does all the techy stuff for me. :grin:

When my son rented a server he did that at hezner,

Baserow has also a community where you could ask your questions.

Thank you

What does your Internet Service Provider think of that?

My provider is ok with that. :grin: