[Free] RatingBar : Add rating system to you apps!

SO, I am here with a new aix that allows you to add rating bar to your apps

Triggered when rating is changed by user, dispatches rating and boolean (isFromUser)

Creates a ratingbar in an arrangement

If true, ratingbar will be non editable by user and will be used to display progress

Sets maximum number of stars

Sets colors of stars

Sets default rating

Sets step size

Returns true/false if rating bar is indicator (non editable) or not

Returns number of stars

Returns Rating

Returns Step size

Total Blocks

Demo Blocks

Aix can be used to obtain user review about app or can be used in games to tell about progress of users

Aix Download
Rating (44).aix (8.2 KB)

Thanks to

And all MIT Users and Moderators who always help me

A 13 year old kiddo trying my best to learn extension development

Open Source


We already have a rating bar extension
Do we need another one ? What more does this one bring ?


Actually, Theres no specific topic for it, and My moto to make aix was to do a PR on MIT Sources Implementing new View Components Added by Android, Anyways, Its your wish to approve or disapprove it :upside_down_face:

Not at all, I am simply asking why we need another one. Did you search the extensions list before starting on this one?

Will list (without testing), regardless.

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I just hope you didnt misunderstood my post :upside_down_face:

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I doubt you have somehow got access to Source Codes dir present on Volume D.

However, you have not followed naming conventions.


Updated Aix, Will update blocks soon too

First and foremost, a big thank you goes out to @Know_About_IT for creating this incredibly useful extension! Their vision and effort have given us a powerful tool .

Building upon this foundation, I took the liberty of making some thoughtful edits to the extension's code. By adding some useful blocks, I aimed to enhance its functionality and provide even more value to our community.

The spirit of collaboration and innovation is what drives us forward, and it is an honor to contribute to the growth and improvement of this fantastic extension.

Thank you, @Know_About_IT, for inspiring us, and thank you, our supportive community, for making this journey a rewarding and exciting one!

RatingNewVersion.aix (9.8 KB)

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You should include new blocks in your post.

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