[FREE] QRCodeGenerator Extension

QRCodeGenerator Extension

Hello everybody here and today I am going to Introduce my new extension called QRCodeGenerator.
By the name you have probably got the working of the extension means this extension will create QR Code for the given text

:bulb: Current Version 1.0
:file_folder: File Size 698.59 KB
:package: io.horizon.qrcodegenerator.QRCodeGenerator
:date: Created On 2021-12-19

Method Blocks


GenerateQRCode -
➜ content input type text
➜ component input type component

Event Blocks

OnError -
➜ error output type text

OnSuccess -




This docs is generated from AIX Docs - Cttricks. Hit :heart: button if you liked this extension and feel free to comment below your reviews and suggestion.


Library Used

v1.0 AIX :- io.horizon.qrcodegenerator.aix (698.6 KB)

v1.2 AIX :- io.horizon.qrcodegenerator.aix (700.0 KB)

Question and Suggestions are welcomed

Thank You


Link is not pointing to the extension. I guess this was a copy and paste from another builders community. Please correct the mistake. I unlist this for now.

What library are you using in your extension? It is good to provide all sources used when making an extension that is using someone else his/her work.

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hmm... Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private. error pops up when I want to download it
edit: now it's fine

I am so sorry for this
Now the file is updated
And now I request you @Peter to make it listed

Actually this extension is not open source so I am hesitating to provide all the information because I am going to add some more features too

I am sorry again and thank you Peter for reporting the problem
Hope you will make it listed soon

Thank You

So i am right that you are using an library. It doesn't matter if you are open sourcing it or not. When you use a library you should tell which one it is. Out of respect for the developer who did most of the work for you.


Ok @Peter
Thank you
I'll make changes in the post accordingly

Thank you

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I presume this will work without a network/data connection?

Which components can you use to display the code?

Will there be a save to file option?

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Yes it is working fine without Internet

AndridVisibleComponents like Vertical Arrangement, Horizontal Arrangement

Not till now but I am working on it

Thank you

Only those? What about Image?

Actually I haven't tried it yet
But yes I'll try it

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Good job :+1:
Also check if it works with BarCode Scanner component.

Thank you sir

Yes sir it is working fine with that too

Hello everybody QRCodeGenerator is with new version

Version v1.2

Now you can customize your QR Code by changing the colours

AIX :- io.horizon.qrcodegenerator.aix (700.0 KB)

Designer Properties


New Blocks


Thank You


Hello everyone,
Recently my laptop's windows were Corrupted, therefore all code my all extensions are deleted except TicTacToe Extensions, so I won't be able to help you if you have any errors or wanted to know how to use it.
I am so sorry about it

Thank you

Silly question but why won't you keep your code to GitHub ?

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Before I was learning GitHub and wasn't having that much of knowledge
And recently I learnt it therefore I have update my TicTacToe Extension on GitHub

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I don't want to close the topic because I'll make this extension again with same blocks properties and will upload to the first post with same package
So that you can use it.


the best :star_struck: :star_struck:

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