[FREE] Pedometer with Foreground Service

He inst talking about this one, there is one more kind of feature to disable the battery optimization.

Ok but I think it's not required when using my approach. Also, this failed for me (on my Galaxy Note8) when trying to keep a timer alive.

For me, this had to be done using the System settings. When I set it manually to unrestricted

the apk works :astonished: Thank you.

Will try this later (not sure I use the Sensor Detector ' the Sensor Detector of steps that some devices carry.'

I'll continue to experiment :slight_smile:

Reset feature not working

my app force close when start extension

Does the example app work for you?
To help the developer of the extension please provide the following information

  1. the Android device and Android version you are using for your tests

  2. a logcat output

Thank you