[FREE | PAID] ClickZ - An extension to add click, long click and more actions to components!

What you asked is quite unclear?

Good extension! Hope to see more extensions developed by you in the future!

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Thank you @Gordon_Lu ! :partying_face:


New Version 7 ! :partying_face:

ErrorOccurred Block added.


ClickZ.aix (7.4 KB)

First Post is also updated.

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You can always check this to learn more about what you should add:


New Version 8 ! :partying_face:
New blocks added !

component_method component_method (1)

ClickZ.aix (7.6 KB)


New Version 9 ! :partying_face:
:star2: Optimized the extension.

Download :
Download V9

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@Aquib_Khan can we make anything like when the button is clicked 2 times then the Screen bg color will change?

Save tinyDB value to 0 at first then when someone click, add 1 to that value then if(tinyDBValue == 2) then do change bg color of screen...


Do you mean by double click feature ?

Yeah, but like if I click 5 times then it do something...
Like add a new block like

When clicked
ID - Times

If Times = 5 then
Do something

@SRIKAR_B.S.S It's a bit difficult...
But, I've started working on double click feature...

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New version 10 released ! :partying_face:
:star2: New double click feature added !
:star2: Size increased by 1.4 KB ! :sweat_smile:

Blocks Added :


Download :

Download from the first post.

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Cool @Aquib_Khan

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Thank you @SRIKAR_B.S.S ! :wink:

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Just use a counter in a procedure

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Thank you for your replies but I thought it would be better if it had block like this

New paid version 11 ! :partying_face:

Check out the first post for details !
Price - $1.

Thanks for this extension! I have much control over my clicks! I require this for my restaurant apps, many 'HorizontalArrangements' mimic some buttons so I needed this extension! Thanks so much!

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Hi why this is not working in companion?