[Free Open Source] my toast extension 3.0

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hi today i am with my new extension simple toast to share it with you all
please don't flag/off this topic this topic is not same as others toast extension this topic will contain a source code of my extension

this version contains a long toast,short toast,rounded toast,and RGB to hex

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sorry you can itself understand the instructions if you still have any doubt on a block hover your mouse over it you will find the instructions


sorry for the inconvenience,the rounded toast message is not good i hope you understood i am on the way to solve it,the picture,layout toast

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aix file

==java file==


* a huge thanks to @AryanGupta :clap::clap::clap: he helped me in setting the background color of the toast

* it was my hard work to identify a method for the text color,rounded

* @community for teaching how to use it

this is a small boys hard work please :+1:


Wow, latest updates are getting better

Good job :+1:
Kindly follow the naming conventions

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i think all letters are well can you say what is wrong

bg_hexcolour >> backgroundHexColour (or bgHexColour)
text_hexcolour >> textHexColour

also (optional)

x >> xCoordinate
y >> yCoordinate

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done thanks to notice

with new version of rgb to hex

hmm, it looks weird when you add it with an rgb converter. :sweat_smile:
I think you don't need to add that block because there is already an extension that works to convert colors

thank you for your contribution

as I see, you already adjusted the extension to follow the naming conventions... to make it 100% correct, please also change the package name of the extension and remove the underscore... rather than Simple_toast the correct name would be SimpleToast...

Also here in the App Inventor world we do not work with hex colors... we use color blocks

please change that in your logic, so the extension is compatible with the built-in color blocks, thank you
see also this discussion


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.

i did it. now use the built in colour blocks

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i changed it

is there any correction


Hello Vishnu

Very nice extension, but your extension icon is way too big!