[FREE / Open Source] Max/Min Value of List - My First Extension

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Hi, today I am presenting you my very first published extension - MaxMinTools
This extension is simple, to get the minimum/maximum value of a list.

This is my first extension, so if there is any error please let me know.



Blocks Description
when Error occurred Raises when error occured (All errors can be view in Errors part)
call GetMaxValue Get maximum value of a list
call GetMinValue Get minimum value of a list
call GetValue Get maximum/minimum value. To get max value, method should be 1, otherwise 0.
Maximum Return 1 for max method
Minimum Return 0 for min method

Errors reference

Error Code Error
0 Input method should either be 0 or 1
1 Input list should be a list
2 Input list cannot be empty
3 Exception error
4 Unknown error, output is empty


Version 3 com.appybuilder.bryanli1211.MaxMinTools.aix (11.7 KB)

Older version

Version 2 com.appybuilder.bryanli1211.MaxMinTools.aix (11.7 KB)

Version 1 com.appybuilder.bryanli1211.MaxMinTools.aix (11.7 KB)

Or download from Github:

Change Log

Version 3
  • Image resized to 16x16
  • Removed unnecessary code
Version 2
  • Return "error" instead of empty string when error occurred.
  • Code optimized, suggested by @MohamedTamer

Special thanks

@MohamedTamer, helped me A LOT



WOW, nice extension!

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Thank you :hugs:


Great extension @WatermelonIce