[FREE] OneSignalPush: Integrate latest OneSignal SDK (5.0.2) in your app to send Push notifications [DEPRECATED]

Vknow360 could also forward the DeepLink extension, DeepLink is implemented in your project and I want to copy it from your project to mine, I can't make the call if DeepLink

Could you provide it please?
Only the deeplink extension is missing, to help you,
I'm sharing your extension so you can gain more popularity.

It is not required for OneSignal to function. You can remove DeepLink extension from project.

Make sure you share link to this topic and not the aix itself.

I have tried fo follow all steps but I coudn´t run it. My Android version is 13.
When I press the button send to me, appears notif sent, but anything happen...

When a press de ask button I have this message: Unable to find explicit activity class {edu.mit.appinventor.aicompanion3/com.onesignal.core.activities.PermissionsActivity}; have you declared this activity in your AndroidManifest.xml, or does your intent not match its declared ?

Thank you for your help

Extension won't work in companion.
Also SendToAll method doesn't work so send message from dashboard.

The extension work in companion for me.:ok_hand:

Wait, what?
It shouldn't.
How, I mean what did you change in blocks to make it work?

I didn't change my blocks. They works fine. This is the only two blocks that I use to send Push to only one user:

I hope to help a bit

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Hallo, wie kann ich die Erweiterung einsetzen das ich an meine APP Benachrichtigungen senden kann. jeder der die App hat muss dies ja bestätigen. kann man das automatisieren das jeder automatisch diese bekommt wenn er die App hat ?

Just like me, reading and reading and trying and trying... On top, you can found a tutorial to learn to do this. And showing your blocks if you need some help.

Aia link is given in the first post.
I'll summarize the steps.

  • Init using appId
  • Ask notification permission
  • Opt in for notifications using PushOptIn block

That's it.
Now send a message from OneSignal dashboard.

ChangeLog Version 3

There was a minor change needed to send notif to all subs which I have done in v3.


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Now I heard that there is new updated One signal extension which is free to use. Anybody tried it?

I opened this link (OneSignalPush Extension - Google Drive) to install the extension, but there are lot of files. So, do I have to install all the files and import as extension in mit app or is there any specific file to download?

  1. com.sunny.push-v3.aix - the latest version of the extension
  2. com.sunny.onesignaldeps_v2.aix - additional plugins, modules, etc.
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Deprecated !!

Why randomly?

Maintaining this user-centric model (5.0.0+) was difficult.
It will continue working though.

I am working on a downgraded SDK (4.8.7) since it is most stable. It will be paid extension.

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I see...

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