[FREE] Miscellaneous extensions for AI2 from The K Studio

Here are some of the extensions that I created for personal use and some of were sponsored that I never shared with the community. Here I am sharing in case if someone finds them useful.

Some of the methods or extensions might be already exist on community and some of the methods are possible without extensions however they are created just to ease the work, hope it helps!

Back Press to Exit App: Back press again to exit the app.


com.thekstudio.BackToExit.aix (5.8 KB)

Simple Toast Shows simple toast since AI2 Notifier toast is weird.


com.thekstudio.SimpleToast.aix (5.7 KB)

Checkbox Utilities

com.thekstudio.CheckboxUtilities.aix (5.7 KB)

Wallpaper Tools

com.thekstudio.WallpaperTools.aix (9.6 KB)

Ellipsize Label Truncate label text if exceeds within set max lines.


com.thekstudio.EllipsizeLabel.aix (5.3 KB)

Text Scroller Animate text on screen resembling marquee like effect but not marquee.

com.thekstudio.TextScroller.aix (9.1 KB)

JSON 2 Dictionary Parse JSON text into dictionary.


com.thekstudio.Json2Dictionary.aix (6.1 KB)

Password Validator

com.thekstudio.PasswordValidator.aix (7.7 KB)

Developer Settings

com.thekstudio.DeveloperSettings.aix (5.0 KB)

Time Settings

com.thekstudio.TimeSettings.aix (6.1 KB)

App Launcher

com.thekstudio.AppLauncher.aix (6.2 KB)

IP Checker

com.thekstudio.IPChecker.aix (10.0 KB)


com.thekstudio.Countdown.aix (8.0 KB)

Extra Utilities

com.thekstudio.ExtraUtilities.aix (6.3 KB)

Dropbox Link: Get Dropbox and Google Drive file download link


com.thekstudio.DropboxLink.aix (5.1 KB)

Haptic Feedback Gives Vibrate feedback to the user.


com.thekstudio.HapticFeedback.aix (5.8 KB)

Network Status

com.thekstudio.NetworkStatus.aix (7.2 KB)

Border View Apply border to view layout like horizontal arrangement with border width, color and corner radius.

com.thekstudio.BorderView.aix (6.8 KB)

Hope this helps!


What is this used for?

This will give vibration feedback to the user.

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please remember the naming conventions

and update the TimeSettings and Countdown extension accordingly


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I am seeing error : Runtme error
vibrate: Neither user 10256 nor current process has android.permission.VIBRATE.


SAME IN OTHER DEVICES TOO, realme with OHaptics

Hi, let me check.

I have updated the permission error. It should work now. Try updated aix.



@The_K_Studio I think I did something wrong since this is not working.

Yes, small mistake you did.

When you call Get IP method then Got IP event will trigger with ip.
And when you call GetIP info then IPInfoReceived event will trigger.

Do like this: