[FREE] MathematicsUtils Extension

MathematicsUtils Extension

An extended form of default maths blocks with some functions to use in lists.

Extension Details

Package- com.nisarga.MathematicsUtils.aix

Version- 1

Extension Built- 2020-12-12T18:30:00Z

Last Updated- 2020-12-12T18:30:00Z



com.nisarga.MathematicsUtils.aix (7.1 KB)

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Hi @Nisarga_Adhikary, nice and useful extension.

I have an advise for you as a possible update.

Why not use a mutator in your add and multiple blocks?
This will let us add/multiply as many numbers as we want!

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Thanks, I will try add it in the future.
Still @Alaqmar_Bohori you can use multiple blocks to solve this problem

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I am sure this was just an example for extension creation, and that should be commended.

All the functions in this extension can be easily achieved with built-in blocks/components in AI2


Nice test extension and good start into developing extensions...

Mutators are not available in extensions


Actually, my extension minimizes the effort in putting so many blocks for these functions.