Free Javascript editor for School Chromebooks

Hello all,

I was just wondering; Is there a way I can edit javascript on a school owned Asus Chromebook without apps?
Some sites may be blocked.

Thanks in advance,

Hmm. That's a tough one because I don't think Chromebooks have a simple text editor. If crosh is enabled (Ctrl+Alt+T) you might be able to use a command-line based editor, or if they've allowed you to turn on Linux mode you could use common text editors on Linux like vi or emacs. Alternatively, you could edit code in Google Docs and export as plain text (.txt) and rename the file.

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Thanks @ewpatton. I had no idea that crosh was enabled ( and I thought I knew all the keybind shortcuts). Yes, crosh is enabled. Now, what do I do from there?

IIRC you can use nano or vi in crosh. It's not the best solution but might be workable.

Whoa, dial it back a little. :laughing: Please explain. I'm almost a complete newb to javascript.

A couple of browser options:

  1. Try directly in a browser page with this url:
data:text/html, <html contenteditable>
  1. Google Docs

  2. Borrow w3Schools editor

If you can install from the web store then "caret" seems to be the best

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Oh, and: "java" (in title) or javascript (in first post) or both ? These are different things...

@TIMAI2 I meant Javascript, but I would like to learn both languages. Thanks for the resources. As always, you are really helpful.

Oh, and W3 schools is the best. Thanks