[Free] ImgToBBHost Extension

ImgToBBHost extension is an alternative to Cloudnary.

ImgBB is one of the most simple free image hosting sites on the web.

For freelance photographers, it takes the headache out of two seemingly inescapable industry struggles: insufficient storage space and a lack of organization.

Here’s how easy it is to use this image hosting service:

    1. Head over to imgbb.com or ibb.co (which doubles as its upload portal.)
  1. Create an account if you’d like to delete or edit your uploads later (optional) .

ImgBB accepts the following formats:

  • BMP
  • GIF
  • HEIC
  • JPG
  • PDF
  • PNG
  • TIF
  • WEBP

File Max size 32 mb.
Space for key unlimited.
Extension overview:
Simple to use add.
Add your apiKey
Add your Image
Add time expiration in seconds(0 unlimited) range: 60-15552000

Return in the block "When ImgBBHosted"
url:address of the uploaded image
expiration:seconds to expire
deleteUrl:address to destroy image
success:true if upload is ok
status: 200 if upload is ok .


Minimum: Lollipop 5.0 - 5.1.1 api 21 - 22

ImgBB link for api request:https://imgbb.com/

AppInventorImgBBHost.aia (17.7 KB)

com.appybuilder.chiccovision.ImgToBBHost.aix (13.3 KB)

Built with:https://editor.appybuilder.com/

PS: I created an aia file with a visual tool for upload images to imgBBHost. For those interested please contact me via pm.

I create this extension reading this post:https://community.kodular.io/t/how-to-use-imgbb-api/99561

Regards Marco.


thank you for your contribution...

btw. it is not necessary to ask for INTERNET permission, because that permission is not dangerous...
What is a dangerous permission?


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.


Shame there is no delete in the api. Just running the delete url does nothing, for me.

For me the link to delete the file works fine.
It takes me to my account page where image is stored and there is a link to delete image..

Did you copy deleteUrl link correctly?

Yes it works like that, but I mean being able to do it with the api, using just the web component, inside the app, without needing a webviewer or additional button press.

Ah, ok, I'll try to add this feature. Thanks for the tip

Thanks, I will remove the Internet permission

Hello, This extension is awesome. Question for you, how do you specify what album you want the file to be uploaded to?


Sorry this implementation isn' t implemented in imgbb api

So images can only be updated to my root folder on imgbb? Are there others ways to upload images(i.e., FTP)?


there is no way through the api
You can try @Taifun FTP extension

I was able to use the imgbb extension for app inventor and modified it to work with camera component. Works as advertised. One problem, I can only set the expiration to the maximum of 180 days. I want to have control over that. My question is, can I use the webviewer to do a post that uploads the image. If so can I get some assistance with formating syntax(i.e., block configuration)


I started using the webviewer.
It is very easy to set them up.
take a look at the imgbb api

Set expiration to 0, which then means the file has no expiration date.

Note, you do not have to use the imgbb extension, you can use a web component and a base64 extension to upload images to imgbb, and handle the data returns accordingly

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Hey Tim,

Can you give me an example of using the web component with imgbb api? I have used the google sheets example, but not sure on how to structure the PostText text. I assume the web url is as follows "https://api.imgbb.com/1/upload"


credits @vknow360 for the Filey extension


Tried setting expiration to zero using the extension, but I get nothing in return and image does not upload. I agree with you in regards to using Web viewer and posting text block.

Tim, thanks for getting back to me so fast. What is Filey extension?

Converts binaries to base64, you have to upload your images as base64.

So i can use Filey instead of Taifun's image extention?

I did go and check, Taifun's Image extension does not offer a base64 conversion.

You can use Filey or @Juan_Antonio's base64 extension, or there are a couple of others.

You do not need to decode when you get the file back.