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For B21:C21 try:


Coche azul

For B21:B22 would be:


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Thanks so much for your reactivity

I have solved this and others problems related with list... I should have payed more attention. I know that I have to learn about JSON exchange format and App Inventor (if you know any link, please post it, I would be very grateful)

I have tested all commands and blocks and the last problem is related with AppendRowData block. It requires a sting list separated with ",". In Spain "," is the decimal saparator, so if want to set this:

Sin título

And I obtain this:


Instead of:

Thanks again

I would need to create a new block for this, that sends the appendRow data as a list instead of a string.

Give me a little time.....

Here we are, try this:

uk.co.metricrat.gsconnectedV2.0.aix (15.4 KB)

You must now send a list


Please test with a number block for 1,5 instead of a text block....

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Great solution... you are very kind and generous

Unfortunately, it does not work for me. Maybe I need a new version of the txt SCRIPT with the new version?

This is the error:

Even without decimal number

Working OK for me?



Did you refresh your companion app after upgrading the extension ?

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Hi Tim

Yes I refresh even I am trying with another phone and the result:

Sorry por the insistence: do I need a new script for the google spreadsheet with the new AppendRowDataEurope function?

Thanks again for your time and paticence.

Sorry, I have just realised you need to update the script as well :upside_down_face:

You need to add this into the code.gs:

//append row of data as List to specified sheet/grid (allows for commas as decimal points)
  else if ( e.parameter.func == "appendRowToSheetEurope" ) {
  return appendRowToSheetEurope(e.parameter.sheetID,e.parameter.gridName,e.parameter.data);

and this into the functions.gs:

//append row of data as List to specified sheet/grid for Europe (allows commas as decimal points)
function appendRowToSheetEurope(sheetID,gridName,data) {
  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.openById(sheetID);
  var sh = ss.getSheetByName(gridName);
  row = JSON.parse(data); //data.split(",");
  return ContentService.createTextOutput("Data Appended to Sheet: " + gridName);

then Manage Deployments and create a new version of the script

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Now it works perfectly

Thanks, it has been a productive day for me.

Did you test using a number block ?

Just been thinking, would it make more sense to use the same method as originally, but to use a different delimiter?

Instead of using a comma , to separate fields, use a semi-colon ; instead ?

for example:


V2.1 Update to include the two AppendRow variants now released and available for download from the first post


Hi Tim

Thanks for your work again.

By the moment I only can work on App Inventor on weekend, so I will test it and give you feedback.


Hi Tim again

I have a question for you: Would it be possible to store images on google sheet in order to show them in App Inventor?

Sorry, this is not directly related with your extension, but it would be fantastic to know a way to doy this in order to keep updated some images in the the app that we are developing in the highg School.

Thanks for your help.

P.D. When we finish our apps I will send you, and evidently your extension will be mentioned on them

It is probably better to store the images on google drive, and create a google sheet to hold all the links to the image files, unless you really need to be able to see the image on the google sheet.

See here for methods to upload images to google drive:

and here for a method to generate a table containing links to the files:
(look at the first script which populates the spreadsheet with data about the images)


If you want to update existing images to keep the filename and file ID the same:

Also see:

is it possible to add data to range A1,B1 omit C and D1 without using write to cell?

Do you mean using setdatatorange ?

yes. but instead of a sequential range, could i do a update on A1,B1 and jump to D1 not editing C1?

Even google sheets does not provide for non-contigious ranges.

You will have to make two calls.

If there is no data in column C then you can just put "" for that entry and set range A1:D1

making 2 calls not very efficient eh, and i have data in C so that would be replaced, i guess the best way is
to re arrange the data so that i can update them in a sequence. Thanks as always for your help

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I just wanted to thank you with this message for your involvement when I have asked you for help in this and other threads.

Finally we have finished in class the Break Out game called "La Melodía Maldita" and thanks to your magnificent extensions (GS Connected and Image Notifier) I have been able to implement the game in my class.

My name is Santiago Cruz and I work as a Mathematics teacher at Fuente de la Peña high school, in Jaén, Andalucía, Spain. If you ever come to this land or around I will be happy to invite you for a meal.

So, as it should be, I've included you in the thanks and credits:

Sorry but I didn't know how to put a link to your extensions website in a notifier.

Thank you very much for everything and I don't rule out to continue asking you for help in my next projects.

Best regards.

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