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Google Sign-In Extension


The SignInWithGoogle extension for MIT App Inventor created by MrKoder provides a convenient way for developers to implement Google Sign-In functionality in their Android applications. This extension facilitates the process of obtaining a user's consent, exchanging device codes for access tokens, and retrieving user profile information from Google APIs.

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  • Request device code from Google OAuth2 API.
  • Exchange device code for access token in Google OAuth.
  • Request user profile information from Google People API.


To use the SignInWithGoogle extension, follow these steps:

  1. You can see this video to get your credentials (Client-ID, Client-Secret):
  1. Download the :arrow_down:AIA file (227.5 KB) If you want .

  2. Or you can Select "Import Extension" and choose the :arrow_down:SignInWithGoogle.aix (20.8 KB) file.

  3. The extension will be added to your palette, and you can now use its blocks in your project.



  • Description: Set or get the client ID used for Google Sign-In.
  • Type: String


  • Description: Set or get the client secret associated with the client ID.
  • Type: String


  • Description: Set or get the refresh token required for token refreshing.
  • Type: String


  • Description: Set or get the access token obtained after successful sign-in.
  • Type: String

process


:arrow_down:SignInWithGoogle.aix (20.8 KB)
:arrow_down:AIA file (227.5 KB)

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Very useful extension

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I put ClientId and ClientSecret in the file, but the program does not work

see this video please :

And sorry for my late reply I was swamped working on my graduation project for 3 months

I did it but it doesn't work

@mostafa_baghi I have updated the aia and the aix try them and give me your feedback

and thanks for your feedback Also make sure to enable people API of google

Yes, it is in public mode. I tried a lot. But it only worked once and showed name and email. For example, I tried 40 times and 39 times I did not receive any information

This is confusing !
it works very well with me :point_down:

Send me the aia file without ClientId and ClientSecret

Can I get Phone Number from profile Info?

can i do logout with this extention?

No, this extension only get info of Google user account

No, the API doesn't offer the phone number of the user