[FREE] EternalApp - Keep your apps alive after it's uninstallation ! 💥

Hello everyone, :wave:
Here's my new extension, EternalApp !
If a user tries to uninstall the app, it will show a prompt that -

Keep XX.XX KB/MB/GB/TB of app data.

Unfortunately, It just works till Android 10, not higher than it. :slightly_frowning_face:
And I cannot share screenshots as I don't have any Android 10 device.

A pic from google -


Simply drag and drop the extension in the designer and that's all ! (No blocks)


com.rapid.aquibkhan.eternalapp.aix (4.0 KB) [V1]
com.rapid.aquibkhan.eternalapp.aix (4.1 KB) [V1.1 Patch Update]


I see this is a no blocks extension. Does the developer simply drag the extension onto the designer window? Does this then generate the popup when you try to uninstall the app ? You should explain how it works.

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Exactly what you said !
EDIT: Added the instructions ! Thanks !

Tested on simple app. Get a popup but no information about any app data (there probably wasn't any), but perhaps it should say that - e.g. "There is no app data to keep" ?

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Try this...