[FREE] EternalApp - Keep your apps alive after it's uninstallation ! 💥

Hello everyone, :wave:
Here's my new extension, EternalApp !
If a user tries to uninstall the app, it will show a prompt that -

Keep XX.XX KB/MB/GB/TB of app data.

Unfortunately, It just works till Android 10, not higher than it. :slightly_frowning_face:
And I cannot share screenshots as I don't have any Android 10 device.

A pic from google -


Simply drag and drop the extension in the designer and that's all ! (No blocks)


com.rapid.aquibkhan.eternalapp.aix (4.0 KB) [V1]
com.rapid.aquibkhan.eternalapp.aix (4.1 KB) [V1.1 Patch Update]


I see this is a no blocks extension. Does the developer simply drag the extension onto the designer window? Does this then generate the popup when you try to uninstall the app ? You should explain how it works.

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Exactly what you said !
EDIT: Added the instructions ! Thanks !

Tested on simple app. Get a popup but no information about any app data (there probably wasn't any), but perhaps it should say that - e.g. "There is no app data to keep" ?

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Try this...

I observe that this extension is no blocks. Is the extension just dragged onto the designer window by the developer? When you try to uninstall the app, does this cause the popup to appear? You should describe how it operates.
Regards picsapkstudio

Hello Zain - welcome to the forum

It is described in post#1 if you scroll up.

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