[FREE] Create PDF file Extension. Layout to PDF

Yes, but the problem is the size of screen.
I would like the pdf generated to have its own size regardless of the device used.

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hello can someone help me to use a pdf viewer extension from the url or previously shared drive without the need to download it, since it uses a code that downloads, but I need it to be displayed within the application with webviewer... thanks

See here

last set of blocks that use the google viewer in the webviewer

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is the extension paid?

No extension, just blocks

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hey what about items those are found in tinydb. if the size of item is greater than the size of pdf, is it add another page or cut them out?

and what does data stored in the tinydb have to do with creating a pdf from visible components on the screen?

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I have a difficulty with this extension on my Lenovo Zuk Z2 Pro running Android 9 (API 28) : it works fine with my Android 12 second phone but with android 9, using the "without 10" blocks, I get no error message, but:

  • the pdf file appears when specifically looking for its name with the system's file explorer of the phone (being in android 9 the file explorer can see all files), and is rightly located in the ASD if I get the file infos,
  • the pdf file doesn't appear with the file explorer if I manually navigate to the ASD with the file explorer,
  • the AI2 app can read the file with the readpdf component, even if a "file exists ?" test comes back false in the companion and the app,
  • a share component can't share the file, with a "not found" error.

It's weird, as if the file was "almost" there but not quite. And in my main app the "with10" blocks work fine and the pdf is written, read and shared.

I made a test aia with only the relevant blocks. Put a word or two in textbox before clicking create pdf and see what happens.

test (1).aia (12.8 KB)

and here are my blocks

Any ideas anyone ?
(edited myself to correct one syntax mistake in the create pdf block. Problem still exists with the blocks corrected and reuploaded)

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Why not just use the 10 blocks ?
(ensure you have an ASD created)

It should work in just the same way on an Android 9

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Unless I did a mistake in converting in "10" blocks, it doesn't seem to work ?
get a error message on btnreadpdf with "open failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory)"
and a no such file found error for SharePdf and the file doesn't exist.
and the test.pdf that I could find with a search for its name in the file explorer doesn't appear at all.
So it looks like the "10" blocks and "not10" blocks are more different than just the use of ASD ?

I have tested these blocks on Android 7, 8.1, and 10, all three work fine.

Screenshot Android 7


Where is the PDF file created then for these blocks ?

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Thanks Timai, I adapted your blocks (using "10" blocks) and relative path and got it to work on my API28.
Thanks a lot !

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in the ASD :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for your extension, Juan Antonio.
I found it extremelly useful.
I never imagined I could make a .pdf file using just a single block.
In case somebody wants to make a .pdf of the size of a Din A4 sheet of paper, can use this data for width and height:



Is it possible to use this extension to fill out a sheet like this?

Thank you

It is a screen with a lot of information, try it first with a simpler screen.

How come if I use these values for height and width I don't get the whole screen display as A4 format?


Maybe it only works for a specific device with a specific resolution. You should use Juan's recommended method for sizing your pdf, and adjust accordingly.