[FREE] ColorSeekbar Extension


Use this extension to use horizontal color picker in your application

πŸ’‘ Current Version 1.0
πŸ“ File Size 1.85 MB
πŸ“¦ io.horizon.colorseekbar
πŸ“… Created On 2022-01-24

Method Blocks

InitializeView -
➜ component input type component

Event Blocks

OnColorChange -
➜ color output type number



io.horizon.colorseekbar.aix (1.9 MB)

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Nice extension. I would give a 9.5 out of 10.


Thank you @Gordon_Lu


nice extension! it is a really cool color spectrum and can be used to create rainbow colour animations :wink:

You can use this extension in any way you want :smiley:

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But how to use this?I don't know.

I'll upload blocks later as i don't have my pc now but
You can do like this

Use this block to initialise your color seekbar means give a vertical/horizontal (AndroidViewComponent) and then you will see that colorseek bar there.

Now you can use this blocks as on color seekbar color changes then set the background color (or what you want to do with returned color) to that color

Thank you

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Sorry,I still can't understand, please upload your blocks, thanks.



Ok, thanks

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Thank you @Gordon_Lu

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Added to first post

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Hello everyone,
Recently my laptop's windows were Corrupted, therefore all code my all extensions are deleted except TicTacToe Extensions, so I won't be able to help you if you have any errors or wanted to know how to use it
I am so sorry about it

Thank you

a good backup concept helps... not only for your App Inventor projects, but for everything you are storing on your computer... see also MIT App Inventor 2 Tips – TWO DOG APPS



Yes sir you was absolutely right
But before what was the issue that I was not knowing GitHub well...
After I learned Git and GitHub I have started keeping backups like TicTacToe Extension

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No please don't close the topic!!

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Ok I'll not do that

thank you :slight_smile:

I don't want to close the topic because I'll make this extension again with same blocks properties and will upload to the first post with same package
So that you can use it

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Nice extension, but no smallness is missing - set the initial value and programmatically set the position of the slider