[FREE] Color Converter

This small extension was created with Niotron IDE and has the role of converting HSV to RGB and vice versa.
The blocks are the ones in the image below, their use is extremely simple.

ColorConverter.aix (7.6 KB)

The processed colors are in 24-bit format. Alpha channel is ignored.
The outputs are in the Get blocks.

HSVtoRGB.aia (13.2 KB)

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It would help to provide a link for the extension. - now done

It would help to provide some example blocks / provide an example aia - now done.

There are also no event blocks, so where does the output go from the last four methods ? - I see now

Suggestion: provide convertors (to and from) for AI2 colour numbers - Decimal 32 bit / Decimal 64 bit, for example: - ah, you do already, for Decimal 32 bit - which is what is returned by your int24bit blocks ???