[FREE] Cloudlabs TTS - 100+ Languages, 300+ Voices

Just sharing the tts extension i made and use.
it uses cloudtts api from Rapid API.

Read about suported Languages, Voice codes and Pricing here.



  • Synthesize speech from text. This function sends a request to CloudLabs Text-to-Speech API to generate speech from the provided text. The parameters include the API key for authentication, the voice code specifying the voice to use, the text to be synthesized, the speed of speech, and the pitch of speech.



  • This event is fired when speech synthesis is successful.
    component_event (1)


CloudlabsTTS.aix (11.3 KB)

Donations are welcomed. Thank you.


I tried and it doesn't work

any error? it works perfectly on my end.

Please send the aia file to try

Did you provide your credit card information and sign up for your own api key?

The service the extension links to is not 'really' free (although the extension is). The service only allows 20 queries per month free.

Cloudlabs.aia (12.2 KB)
*Make sure to replace the apikey with yours. also use the error event to debug.

i don't think its compulsory. since it is Freemium.

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Oh, but then why does the pricing information include this

Why do you require a credit card for a freemium API?

We work directly with API providers to implement clear, transparent pricing for developers. The Provider may require a credit card if a plan has a quota with an overage fee. If you would no longer like to use the API, you can unsubscribe from the plan at anytime by clicking the "unsubscribe" button under the Billing section of the RapidAPI Dashboard.

im not sure. but we can use it without providing a CC.

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Did you provide a CC David? The Rapid site says this is part of their process.

no. you can also see here.

I use this key but it doesn't work

You need to subscribe to the free version of the api first. Have you done that? If not, goto pricing and click subscribe on the free basic plan.

yes i did it

see it:

Hello mostafa baghi,

Your app must be doing well! At this time you have consumed 85% of the BASIC subscription to the Cloudlabs Text To Speech API.

If you continue to make calls at this rate, you could incur overage fees. We strongly recommend that you upgrade to a pricing plan with a higher quota and avoid the extra fees.

The error on your screenshot comes from somewhere in your app. I can see that the extension return the url correctly.

I used your file