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When I try it this way

will not be recognized

Show your Array Table data

or try like this:

(note: it is pointSize not pointsize)

Thank youTIMAI12 No this is not working I don't have the field css
I attached my Data Part.

I found this to fiddle

But it seems that curveType:'function',
and maxValue are not working together.


Last offer:

Good morning guys

How can I use the graph in this Jason format that I receive from php mysql?

[{"date_time":"2024-02-04 23:35:25","s1":"25.00"},{"date_time":"2024-02-04 23:50:22","s1":"27.45"},{"date_time":"2024-02-04 23:51:06","s1":"27.45"},{"date_time":"2024-02-04 23:51:54","s1":"27.45"},{"date_time":"2024-02-04 23:52:28","s1":"27.45"},{"date_time":"2024-02-04 23:53:01","s1":"27.45"},{"date_time":"2024-02-04 23:53:17","s1":"27.45"},{"date_time":"2024-02-04 23:54:44","s1":"27.45"}]

Which graph do you want to display ?

Line chart
At x = date_time
At y = temperature

Here's one using the AI2 charts component, which does not treat JSON the way I had thought when starting out>

Screen2 has the working sample, Screen1 my failed JSON DataFile attempt.


charts_JSON.aia (6.8 KB)

Most of the work is digesting the JSON and the timestamps.

Given that your asked for a ChartMakerPlus answer:


You can add more formatting layout options in extraOptions and css as required

@TimAi2's is much nicer.
I offer mine to test out the base AI2 components.

@ABG and @TIMAI2

tks very much

You are the best :slight_smile:

Very nice extension!!!
i have a question.
How can I chage font size in the table?
I don't have any manual for extraoptinos.

I provided links in the first post for each chart type's configuration options.

If you are making a table chart then you use css to modify the display elements of your table.

Like so?

Hello Community How can I a Column from Google Sheet like


display with ChartMakerPlus

What type of chart do your want to make ?

At the very minimum you are going to need a header row:

["Count" ,200,300,100,50]

it works well, Thank you very much.

I have question about table again.
I want first line to be fixed without any change when I scroll up/down screen.
When I scroll, first line text is not moving, but, background color is changed in to transparent color. so, first line and other line characters are mixed.
Is there any option?

Oh Sorry I forget It should be a line diagram

You will need to look through the configuration options here and do some internet searching on how to configure the header row so that it behaves itself.

If I get time I will also see what I can find.