[FREE] BingMap extension

BingMap extension, for those who can not access google map service (like me), or those want to try other options.


See HERE for how to get a KEY.


Property names are self-explained.


Show Bing map in a layout(arrangement)


Set center or zoom of the map,

which will fire MapViewChanged event.

property type meaning
center List center of map, [lat, lng]
bounds List [north,west, south,east]
zoom Number zoom level, 1-19



property type meaning
id String unique id for this pushpin
location List coordinate to show the pushpin, [lat,lng]
point List location in pixel, [x,y]
options Dictionary custom property, can be any of below
--title String main text
--subTitle String sub text
--text String text showing on the pin
--color String color of the pin, like red, or #00ff0000
--draggable Boolean if the pin draggable, default to false
--icon String can be like pin1.png, or base64 string



property type meaning
options Dictionary custom property for polylin
--strokeColor String color like red, or #00ffff00
--strokeThickness Number thickness of the line
--strokeDashArray List A List representing the stroke/gap sequence to use to draw the polyline. For example, [1, 4, 2, 1] would draw the polyline with a dash, four spaces, two dashes, one space, and then repeated.



property type meaning
locations List list of location
options Dictionary to customilize the polygon
--fillColor String as explained above
--strokeColor String as explained above
--strokeThickness Number as explained above
-strokeDashArray List as explained above

Regular Polygon


property type meaning
center List coordinate of the center
radius Number length from center to the sides
sides Number how many sides of the polygon
angel Number degree to rotate the polygon
options Dictionay as descripted above

Remove shape(s)

Delete shape (pushpin, polylin, polygon).


Show or hide a Infobox on map

property type meaning
location List coordinate to show the infobox
title String title of the box
description String content of the box
actions List buttons text which is clickable, and will fire ActionClicked event

Calcuate Route

Calculate a route and show on the map. and if success, this will fire routeUpdate event.

property type meaning
locations List locations on the route, the first as starting point, the last as destination, others (if any) as midway point
mode String type of the route, one of "driving", "transit", "truck", or "walking"
total Number how many route totally got
index Number which route now selected
route String route detail, jsonarray format. User need to parse this with Dictionay

GeoEncode/reverse Geoencode

Change location [lat,lng] to address

Change address to locations, since there are maybe more than one locations with same address name.


operation about geoJson String.


Calcuate distance between 2 locations.


For more information, please refer to HERE)


take me to the download site


Thank you for such extension... Also consider the limitations :eyes:

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Hi center map doesn't work for me

How do you use the blocks?

Hi KevinKun.

I want to ask you a DETAIL of this extension or if you know about this.

I have searched in generally and i didn't find any solution for this.
If you want to make "a contours maps" app, not google or microsoft, provide a way to make it from what i search it.
Do you know if bing let you download or make it (but not showed in public but in the detail of the apis for the maps?
I search in yandex and i didn't find how to do it too.
I know, the google maps let you do it, LONG AGO, but now i cannot find a way to do it.

The contours lines are lines of same ALTITUDE and the utility is for Geography-Geology and Military, maybe there are other uses but this are all i know for sure.
I want it for academical geological uses.
Any help you provide will be welcome.


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Set center block , make a list , lat and lon
As you described in your website

Block screenshot or aia?

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Method to rotate map?

sorry no such method in this extension.

And also no such method in the api of Bingmap, as far as i know.