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I did not explain well what I mean. If I download win.ico from https://levocidiastarte.com, so the complete file name is https://levocidiastarte.com/win.ico then the extension will download it in /win.ico
Instead if I download https://levocidiastarte/tmp/win.ico the extension will donwload it in /tmp/win.ico I would prefer that win.ico is downloaded always in /win.ico or, better, have the possibility to define a subfloder of where download win.ico
(P.S. there are missing dots or commas at the end of some phrase to do not generate misunderstandings).

Okay now I understand.

You have set wrong url and path. Try this:

Url: https://levocidiastarte/tmp/win.ico
Path: win.ico

In url set full download link of your file and path will be win.ico (filename.extension).

If you want to set a custom folder then before file name set folder name

My folder/win.ico

Hope this helps.

OK, it works it is a solution.
Just to understand: why if I put:
url: https://levocidiastarte/tmp
path: win.ico
it returns the error: Failed to download the file. Reason: placeholder

Because the url you set is not a file url, so it will gives error.

To download a file the url should be set to actual file url.

But also if I put:
url: https://levocidiastarte.com
path: tmp/win.ico
it works... also if url is not a file url...

I'm not sure how this works for you, but ideal approach should be as i said earlier url: file url and path: file name.file extension

Updated Version 3

if i close screen before download complete then what happen?
download complete or not?

As far as the app is still running in background (not background task) or in recent apps, downloading will continue. If you remove the app from recent apps , downloading will stop.

If this is a very large download (i.e. a 4k video with 40+GB, for example), then the download in the background will stop after a few minutes as Doze mode throttles down / terminates all possible processes. In this case you would have to start a Foregroud service to prevent Doze.

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We could use Itoo in that case with this extension.


Updated Version 4

Added properties to set notification title and description, if system download notification is being set to visible.

Added property to set Custom Download Path to set custom path other than ASD, that means now this extension is not limited to ASD only, it can download files in specified path.

Added a new function: FilesListFromAssets to get list of files from app assets directory.

Please provide App Inventor screenshot of the blocks so we can see, that the extension is also working in App Inventor

Which Android versions did you use to test the extension?

Are you aware, that on newer devices you are not allowed anymore to write files to arbitrary directories, for example /My Files? See also Some basics on Android storage system


Added. Tested in AI2 as well, working fine.

Tested on Android 13 in companion as well as in Apk, it works without any permission.

Yes, I know. If used with proper permissions then this can be used.

Updated version 5:

Added new functions: SaveFile, ReadFile and AppendFile to work with text files asynchronously.

Added function to get SDK version.

No, not on Android 11+.

Aren't these methods already available with the File component?

It does. I tested on Android 13. You can try.

Just expanding the functionality of this extension.

I don't need to try that. Saving files outside of the ASD and Shared folders no longer works on Android 11+. So not in the /storage/emulated/0/MyFiles folder either.

No problem.

I have tested both in companion and Apk and it works.