[FREE] Advanced WebScrapper Extension - Scrape Data From Web Sites


Scrape web sites with selector. Selector -> https://is.gd/selectorkullanimi

💡  Current Version 1.0
📁  File Size 505.83 KB
📦  com.ruwis.WebScrapper
📅   Created On 2021-08-30

Method Blocks

GetAttribute - Get attribute from single elemen
element input type any
attributes input type text

GetElement - Get elements from single element
element input type any
selector input type text

GetElements - Get elements from single elemen
element input type any
selector input type text

GetText - Get Text from single elemen
element input type any

ScrapeData - Scrape web sites using selector -> Selector (jsoup Java HTML Parser 1.15.3 API)
url input type text
selector input type text

Event Blocks

EventBlock6 *
ErrorOccurred - When error occurred, get error
error output type text

GotElements - When got data, it returns list
elements output type list

Not working on JS / AJAX sites

com.ruwis.WebScrapper.aix (505.8 KB)
WebScrapperExample.aia (504.8 KB)


Thank you for your work.
I see there is a description of the blocks, but I still don't know how to use them. Could you please create a sample project that will scrape some data from any page?

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I added an example project :blush:

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Hey, nice extension but some websites need "turn javascript on"
this is an example website
Is it possible to get source code in this one?

I tried something like this but did not work (got html codes but not exactly source code I wanted. It did not get everything on that page and inside of source code there is "please turn on javascript and reload the page" written.)

Thank you for your work. Still a lot of confusion. Can you help me get cricket scores from cricclubs.com, for example, this page: League: WEST INDIES vs IRELAND - CricClubs
I want to display the scores as:

Is this allowed according to the TOS? CricClubs-Cricket Like Never Before!

That web page has a link to download an Excel file.

The downloaded file name ends in .do but it can be opened with a text editor like NotePad++ where it can be seen as just text, with NL line delimiters, comma field spacers, and some tab (\t) line prefixes.

You should be able to parse that download if you proceed cautiously, taking care not to exceed row list lengths after csv table conversion.

Hi will this extension scrape Bootstrap 5 Offcanvas components with AI2 ?

Ajax scaping ?

@S11 if you had bothered to read the first post

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