[Free] Admob Extension - Add different types of AdMob ads in your application

Since, you are clicking on your ads yourself, Admob have limited your ads. So, you should always use test ad unit id for testing purpose.
Also, I will try to add SetTestDevice method so that you can add your device as test device in new update soon.

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oh ok i understand now. thank you very much.

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It is ossum Extension But i want Facebook add extension can u pl help me for that

Hi @oseamiya , I've published my app on google play and I've activated advertising on admob.
I've selected test mode on false in the designer property and i've entered my ad unit IDs in the extensions but I'm not seeing ads.

  • With Admob Rewarded it gives me "ad failed to load - building request URL error"

  • With Rewarded Interstitial, I see a test advertisement.

Do you know what the problem can be?

Did you followed these steps properly? Did you added your admob ad id correctly ?

How can we help you ?
There is an extension by @Know_About_IT, you can use for facebook ads.

Thanks for the extension
I have a doubt that, I have used your "AdmobSdks1" extension to initiate the sdk, and as you have told I have made an extension from Niotron, The Screenshot is the code in Niotron, is this extension all right? , I have put mine extension in App Inventor but there are no block for it, I mean to initialise the SDK i have used your extension alongside that I have also put my extension in all the screens which contain ads, Is this the right way or I am doing something wrong?

The extension you create helps to add required manifest elements in your application. So, you didn't need to use the methods available in that extension. Just drag and drop the extension and it should work if you have provided correct admob app unit id.

Sorry I am a bit confused,
As I am very new in App Development, Have I done it right or I need to change something? Again Thanks.

Is the code in Niotron complete? If it is then I compiled the extension and Put it in My app, should I replace it with your Android SDK extension or use it alongside?

Did you compiled your extension successfully? If yes, then use that extension along with admob sdk extension...
If you got any error, then you can put error log here.


Yes I compiled it successfully
This is the code is it ok?

Yes. It is !

Thanks for the help buddy, You solved my problem
Great Work Mate.

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Test ads were running great, but when I put the ad units id, ads were not running. Any solution?

Ads are not showing? Do you got any error ?
Have you placed your admob app & ad unit correctly?

Publish app on playstore, only test ads can display in an app not downloaded from play-store

Oh I didn't know that, Thanks
Again Thanks Oseamiya

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Hey I have Published the app, my admob is verified, I downloaded the app from play Store, But still I am not getting ads.

Did u configured admob app id and placement ids correctly and load/show ads correctly?