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AddressInfo Extension

Release time : 2020-09-04T23:00:00Z
Last Update date : 2020-12-21T00:00:00Z
Current version : 1.2


Hello every one..Today I introduce my first extension..It's an extension that makes some calculation about addresses..
Currently it only supports getting distance between two coordinates..And also indicates if a coordinate is in a radius around a location..

Note: This extension doesn't use any formula in calculation..It uses a class for calculation provided by android.So calculating is more accurate..


blocks (16)


Error occurred

Event is triggered when an error occurs..
error ~ String

Distance between

component_method (1)
Returns the distance between two points in meters.Returns -1 if coordinates isn't valid.
latA ~ int
lngA ~ int
latB ~ int
lngB ~ int

Is in radius

component_method (2)
Returns true if a specific coordinates is in a specific radius.
targetLat ~ int
targetLng ~ int
positionLat ~ int
positionLng ~ int
Radius ~ int (meters)

Usage example

That's represents how far i am from london in meters ( can be easily converted to kilometres):

That represents if i'm in circle around london it's radius 50 km:

Download links

AIX: io.mohamed.AddressInfo.aix (7.3 KB)


Thanks for any one supported me while creating the extension :hearts:
If you liked this extension hit the like button :grin:
If you have any improvements or you noticed a bug, please tell me :+1:

Mohamed Tamer


Do you need to include the location sensor component, or can you simply add coordinates and go ?

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No you can add any coordinates to the blocks.The usage of the location sensor was only an example :+1:

Thank you for the info

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Version 1.2 - Bug Fix release

Bugs Fixed:

  • The IsInRadius block wasn't returning correct values. ( thanks for @detitanbwi )
  • The error event wasn't getting properly fired.
  • IsInRadius block wasn't considering identical coordinates in radius.


  • Some internal Changes
    • Rewritten most of the source code.
    • Added help url and fixed the extension icon.
    • Fixed the blocks description.

You will find the download link in the first post :arrow_up:

Thanks :blush:

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