[FREE] 360 Viewer with Youtube and Facebook 360 Videos Support

360 Viewer Extension

Hello everyone, Today Me and @marco_tanzi are here with a new and amazing extension. This extension will allow you all to play 360 Videos from a URL, Youtube or Facebook. Hope you all like it.




  1. Gyroscope View
  2. 360 Image View
  3. 360 Youtube Video View
  4. 360 Facebook Video View
  5. Also supports videos from url so, cloudinary videos are also supported.

Supported Videos

  1. Youtube Videos
  2. Facebook Videos
  3. Videos from any url
  4. Videos from Cloudinary

More platform support will be added soon !!!


  1. Marco Tanzi : @marco_tanzi
  2. Rudra : @RudraFromIndia

Suggestions and Bugs

In case of any suggestion or bugs, Kindly p.m me or Marco Tanzi.


com.marcoandrudra.View360.aix (15.6 KB)

How to use ???

In youtube, enter youtube video id. Like : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Zcz4fQBq5A here, text after watch?v= Video id i.e 7Zcz4fQBq5A

And same in facebook

Open Source

Download Java

The extension is open source for everyone to learn

Sample Blocks


I am now going to make this open source so anyone can learn

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Wow, Nice Extension @Rudra_Software_Corpo
Keep it up :+1:


A very awesome extension :ok_hand:.

Please upload the blocks individually. It's too blur. Cant see anything.

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It will be useful to post here :slightly_smiling_face:

I am using it like this. When I click the button, it shows the youtube play button. When I click it I get "An error occurred (Playback id)..." :frowning:

Also what are the controls do? "muted" accepts a number and not condition :thinking:

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Use only video id example:


Guys currently I uploaded java source code on Kodular Community and will also upload it here soon

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Some documentation would come in handy on how to use the individual blocks. A sample .aia project could also be.


Hi @Rudra_Software_Corpo , is this the latest version of the extension? I don't know which block to use in the "layout" parameter. No possible block fits...

You should use a String.replaceFirst("https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=",""); method to let the users have a little bit of ease in case of youtube videos.

@marco_tanzi can you help me?

See original thread on Kodular. Community

Or send me a pm and explain better what you want

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Great! going to try it asap! Is it possible to add play / pause the video in the extension and maybe playback speed? (for example 0.5X or 2X speed play with a parameter while playing it?)

thank you in advance

Hello Dimitrios
I'm sorry but the features you are looking for aren' t implemented in the extension.
Regards Marco

There is broken link:

I how i can resolve problem with cdn.panellum.org/2.5/pannelium.htm.... Its not worked with local intranet & local dns (at school)?

Hehehe I wonder if it's cheating to use this for ads in my app 😁