Forum Application Made from CloudDB

So guys, I have made an Forum application from cloudDB please install it and share your feedback :blush: :blush:

For blog, Functioning, code and the version 2.0 development, see my blog:

Tech_Forum.aia (6.3 KB)

For .apk, visit my blog


Keeps it simple :+1:

a few suggestions:

  1. Check if textbox has content before sending
  2. reverse the list to the listview so that last is first, and select the last entry to get a different colour
  3. Button X to clear the chat (?)
  4. clear textbox and set focus after each entry or when pressing button X


Thanks @TIMAI2

Hey it is the second version of Forum app:
UniForum.aia (78.2 KB)

First version:

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You should be able to edit your first post (Tech Forum 1), and keep this all together in one place....



@TIMAI2 Please tell me what can i improve in this app

There are a 1000 things you "could" do :slight_smile:

It is up to you to decide what features you want to provide, and how you want your app to look.

Be creative.


I now merged both threads

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Cool forum app @GT-Game_and_Tech, I like it a lot. You should think about adding an extension for this purpose (or making one).
Also, this happens when I click on your link...

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Sorry @netminderno.9apps but i have moved the blog you can go here:

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Thanks @Taifun

@netminderno.9apps have you tested it