Format plain text

if I wanted to create a simple app with text and images, links ... like on the web, how can I format the text?
For now it seems to me that the only solution is to create html, include and insert a web viewer ... otherwise I have to put as many textboxes as there are different texts, such as title, text, ... (but italics ...? ). All in all I am missing a box that can contain variously formatted text.

I am still trying to make an extension that does this, but with Markdown. Markdown is a language used for formatting, just like in our community.

**this is bold text in markdown**
*this is italic text in markdown*
> this is a quote in markdown

Try a Label. Set to HTML format in the designer, then you can apply a limited set of html formatting tags to your text.

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thank you all. I'll try both possibilities. Html probably gives me more options, but markdown would prefer it as a more straightforward approach. I think a plugin would certainly be better, but I am amazed that there is no such option in the text right away. It is not only bold and italics, but also titles. It seems to me that with an html approach it is necessary to process externally and then import. I need to see how big the html text can be.

obviously I didn't understand. I thought that if I had entered ** at the beginning and ** at the end I would get a bold text ... but it didn't. Same with neither of the other two tags.

I am still working on the extension. Of course it won't work now.

You can use marked.js to change markdown text to html

I don't understand what you mean in concrete. How is this done? I know how to create html text, but I don't know how to integrate it the way you say it.